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Nov 9, 2013 5:30am PST
's commons but they can all did not challenge it the los angeles police department kelly press conference on thursday to mark and very special event the approaching one hundred anniversary of the first in chinese police officer in the united states. he couldn't have come and more improper and time del thousands of chinese americans read out on the streets protesting against the daily discrimination that office among them faced a hundred years ago. i put in the past that. the los angeles times reported this historic moment connell and get one when stepped on a comparative upscale any of the clutch at the scene that story to tell friday at the start and clap cut to the present day tomorrow. this is tied to a los angeles police department had a conference on november the seventh which saw against great grandson in attendance the novelty of the moment was a lot on that later generations we believe that this entry since that day has been a story of constant struggle. all groups a lot of troops had to struggle to get what they have today. to get the commission for what they deserve. under the c
Nov 2, 2013 5:30am PDT
the factory are in police custody when our turn to the late is on the shooting at the los angeles international airport the us federal bureau of investigation has named a twenty three year old impala and to the cnc act as the gunmen who opened fire at the airport killing a security agents. no further information was provided about c and c f of bharti said he killed and on on and if it was security agent before she was shot and captured several others have also been injured. sources close to the investigation that anti government materials were found on the fast back plus interest international airport was locked down in following reports of gunshots at terminal three. the l a fire department described the situation at the mo tight patient incident. the gunmen opened fire at one of the terminals the security checkpoints at around nine thirty am local time. local media reports that he used a high powered rifle the airport halted outgoing flights after the shooting and passengers were evacuated emergency beacon was in awe and the police arrived at the scene. white house spokesman jay
Nov 14, 2013 5:30am PST
at the new york the new and i will be giving up seventeen slots will also be giving updates in los angeles and dallas chicago and miami were to leave more room for a smaller area thanks to new and very sad to give them a greater foothold in those markets. some suppliers are worried that ticket prices will rise because of the merger the family and personal travel undertaken he really missed reading and it can limit the amount of time and i might be able to take trips because i get to think about those costs. i think that over time the eu have the prices to be good for some people with debt problems. overall consolidation hasn't been good for consumers over the past five years there's been three major us deals that have reduced competition over that period. ticket prices have risen fifteen percent. the mayo it says the american us airways deal could result in lower ticket prices for some destinations we should see your fears trial in new york and washington because the government is letting low cost carriers into those markets knows what it will cost carriers have generally brought down pric
Nov 19, 2013 5:30am PST
and more. then again he cctv. los angeles. now before we got it up take you t tf tattory that w bsed two explosions apparently arge the abianas in the laneseital beirut have killed eighteen people. security sources say the explosions of them is only six buildings in the embassy cpoun. one source says the boss will call was fine to drop its not the sole said it was a combo more more than one. the main black guys to the embassy was beyond awesome there was damage to the three storey facility. it's not known if anyone inside with the baby was scattered on the streets and cars were on fire as people ran away. the boss of south beirut java enabled little circle was extensive damage to the nearby buildings. the area is the stronghold of the militant hezbollah group the main ally of syrian president bashar alssad in a complex next door to that seoul korea. if the boss of related to serious civilar we'll course i keep following that story for you here at cc tv news site was now travel on this coming up and then at the top of the next hour will be taking you to know i've read before today's editi
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4